Fortnite Is Getting A Harley Quinn Crossover

It seems another crossover epidermis is about the best way to Fortnite. The game’s official Twitter accounts tweeted an image of Harley Quinn’s iconic mallet, indicating a skin depending on the character will be inserted to coincide with the newest Birds of Prey movie.

This is not the only sign that there is a Harley Quinn epidermis currently coming into the match. After Fortnite’s 11.50 patch, data miners have discovered two Harley Quinn skins From the game –one another on 2016’s Suicide Squad. Though nothing has been confirmed by developer Epic Games yet, data miners have seen proof of a pair of Harley Quinn battles.

Meanwhile, a brand new occasion Named Love and War Is underway in Fortnite. The event revolves around the Search and Destroy manner, which includes two groups of six players and runs until February 17. Alongside case are a pair of War and Love struggles which will unlock cosmetics.

In Addition to this Love and War occasion, the above 11.50 patch created some quite significant under-the-hood modifications to Fortnite, implementing a new physics engine and solving a small number of bugs. You may get the patch notes to the upgrade on Epic’s site.

Season Two Of Fortnite Chapter two is slated to start later. Time is running out to finish some challenges season. In case you need help with these, we have gathered our maps and up Guides for all of the exacting assignments in our Fortnite Chapter 2 struggles roundup.

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