Dying Light 2 Release Date Announcement Not Coming This Week

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Dying Light 2 Release Date Announcement Not Coming This Week

According to the company earlier this week, Dying Light two is slated to find a programmer update on March 17, showing the first significant news regarding the match because of its indefinite delay past year. Fans are already enthusiastic about what information will be divulged concerning the sequel. However, it seems a launch date won’t be one of them.

Coming courtesy of Techland’s Community Manager”Yancy” about the Death Light two Discord (and afterward reported by Idle Sloth on Twitter), it’s been confirmed there will not be a launch date contained in the programmer upgrade. But that is not to say it will be lacking advice, together with the dev asserting that the occasion will be”over [a] easy that the development is going easily.'”

Talking to this Discord about the Dying Light two upgrade, Yancy made certain to temper enthusiast expectations for what is to come. “I saw some folks who are concerned we may announce canceling the match would not occur,” the neighborhood supervisor explained, going to show that the upgrade will offer the community much more insight into the condition of the sequel. He proceeds: “To maintain the expectations undamaged, I will say that there will not be a launch date” This news will be disappointing to some; however, it appears the studio still has a great deal to talk about concerning another entry in its own free-running zombie franchise.

For people who have not kept up with all the turbulent growth cycle of Dying Light two, the match was intended to fall last Spring, but Techland postponed it forever and has stayed quiet ever since. Although ancient gameplay footage indicated the job was well on its way to launch, varying reports emerged, implying that it was having severe problems. Techland has always denied the rumors. Nevertheless, it appears fans stay worried about the name. The most recent of them concerning reports asserted that the studio had been affected by a hostile work environment, together with accusations being levied from its CEO, Pawel Marchewka.

In terms of the movie itself, the sequel takes place 12 years after their first Death Light events, with new protagonist Aiden Caldwell looking for a remedy to the zombie disease. The sport is believed to have an exceptional quality that focuses on ethical choices and players’ actions impacting everything in the story. It will also feature the identical first-person battle and fast-paced free-running, which created the first game a success, enabling players to browse throughout the rooftops while battling many different undead threats.

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