Apex Legends: Is Mad Maggie the Upcoming Season 9 Character?

Apex Legends: Is Mad Maggie the Upcoming Season 9 Character?

Apex Legends: Is Mad Maggie the Upcoming Season 9 Character?

Apex Legends year 9 is a couple of weeks off, and while that which it involves remains to be seen, Respawn Entertainment has teased large things. No matter fans know to expect a brand new Fight Pass plus a brand new personality. In reality, it appears many are interested if Mad Maggie, the character introduced in Fuse’s background, will combine the Apex Games.

Simply speaking, it appears unlikely. There is not exactly a flourishing cast of characters at the larger mythos. Still, it is a lot more probable the Mad Maggie combines the likes of Ash, Blisk, Bangalore’s brother, along with Horizon’s kid than it’s as any playable character in Apex Legends.

1 crucial argument that may be created for Mad Maggie linking Apex Legends is her function as an announcer. With the Present Ring Fury LTM, Maggie is narrating the Ring Flares and raising Cain about the Apex Games. It is important to notice because Revenant has narrated LTMs previously. Therefore it’s easy to attempt and line them up. But it is an improbable argument since Mad Maggie is essential to Fuse.

Really, Fuse is far from the only real character with significant, associated NPCs. As above, Horizon has her son as inspiration, Bangalore was on the lookout for her brother; Pathfinder is on the lookout for his founder (and Ash as a girlfriend for the time being), and much more. With Maggie so significant to Fuse as a personality, it is improbable Apex Legends actually makes them confront off.

However, Mad Maggie Is Not As Important To Your Apex Games

What’s more, building off the Revenant contrast, it is worth noting how both differ. Revenant hosted on the LTM, teased before, combined the matches and had a narrative that extended two seasons efficiently (with much more to come?). But, Mad Maggie is not important to the matches; she hates them in reality. When it might be interesting to find a character who appears in the matches, Mad Maggie’s hatred of these sounds like it may perform in a hundred ways, together with her linking the Apex Games being the least probable.

After the afternoon, there are many reasons to consider Mad Maggie may be Apex Legends’ year 9 character. It’d be intriguing if the Ring Flares somehow tied to her skills, which might be viewed as a tease. However, as Apex Legends lovers learned when Revenant murdered Forge, it is ideal not to look too much into Mad Maggie’s long run and rather concentrate on surviving her onslaught.

Apex Legends: Is Mad Maggie the Upcoming Season 9 Character?
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