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Web Design and development change constantly. Web Technologies come and go, improve, and sometimes even disappear to be replaced by something completely different. Our Colorado web designers are constantly honing their skills, experimenting with new technologies, and looking for better ways of doing things. For you, the client, this means you'll be on top of the game, with the latest web standards for your website.

HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Web Design

With the new HTML5 support in modern web browsers, much is possible now that wasn't possible before. Here are just a few reasons why HTML5 is important to all of us, web designers and web design clients alike:

  • Responsive Web Design - By responsive, we mean a design that adapts to the device being used to view it. This means it is now possible to have one website for both desktop and mobile clients. In the past, it has been common practice to use separate websites for desktop and mobile clients, but with responsive design you can have a good user experience regardless of screen size.
  • Web Accessibility - With new semantic tags, screen readers will be able to more easily identify important parts of your website for the vision impaired. These new tags will also provide search engines with a new and more detailed way of viewing your information.
  • In-browser Web Applications - HTML5 provides many powerful features for creating interactive web applications, such as off-line database storage, drag-and-drop, and document editing.

Interactive Web Applications

Humans are curious and interactive by nature. When we visit a website, we want to interact with it, and perhaps even marvel at the ease in which we accomplished something. That's where web application designers come in. Here are just of few examples of how interactive web applications can improve the user experience of your customers and/or employees:

  • Sending you an email without having to open their mail client or call you.
  • Making a purchase online.
  • Signing a guestbook or leaving a customer review.
  • Creating a virtual customized product.
  • Managing a team or making schedules.
  • Commenting on your blog or article.
  • Training new staff members.
  • ...the list goes on and on...

These are just a few examples of how web applications can make things run smoother for your business. Web design is a multi-faceted discipline consisting of many different converging technologies. Our Colorado web designers pride themselves on offering the latest technologies, web media services, and creative business solutions to our clients.