Custom Logo Design

Logo Design - Graphic Designers

Your logo is the most important aspect of graphic design. It is a symbol which will represent you and your company for a very long time. Therefore, it is important to give lots of thought before you go to anyone for custom logo design. You want your customers to come to recognize your logo instantly, and associate it with your product or service. This 'branding' is crucial to developing a presence in the highly comptetive world marketplace.

Keep Your Custom Logo Design Simple

Especially with those who love visual art, it is easy to get carried away with an overly-detailed logo design. This can be bad for several reasons. First, the more complex a design, the less memorable it is. You want your logo to be easily recognized and associated with your product or service. Secondly, the logo has to look good both large and small. If a custom logo design is too complex, the details get lost when it is sized down. This can also result in a loss of sharpness or clarity of the image.

Colors Of Your Custom Logo Design

Choose colors that are somewhat appropriate for you business. Bright colors are wonderful for businesses that involve art, photography, and children's products, but not necessarily good if you are a lawyer or an accountant. Businesses that want to radiate stability should use earth tones and neutral colors. They should also look good on a light-colored background. When having your custom logo design printed, it is vital you have a CMYK version of your logo. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is the format that printers use. It has less available colors than appear on your computer screen. The professionally printed version of your logo never looks exactly the same as your web version.

Symbology Of Your Custom Logo Design

There are two methods of symbology when creating a custom logo design. One is direct symbology. For example, our company name is Gryphon Solutions. We have an abstract representation of a gryphon for a logo. It is an emblem that is easily associated with the name of the company. The second approach to logo symbology is suggestive symbology. This is where you want to suggest a concept or feeling by your logo graphic. A good example is the Prudential logo containing a cliff overlooking the ocean. Their logo suggests stability and dependability in the midst of the unpredictable, which is perfect for a company that does insurance and investments.

Putting Your Custom Logo Design Together

By taking into consideration the aspects of simplicity, color, and symbology, you can create a powerful and memorable custom logo design. These are all things we take into consideration when designing for our clients. Give serious thought on your logo and come up with several ideas. Remember, your logo will be with you a very long time.